General Purpose Disposable Aluminum Weighing Dishes

Ideal for sampling, weighing, dispensing, storage, environmental clean-up, food processing, evaporating, or general laboratory use. All pans are contaminate free. All pans except the #111 have a curled lip. ETI utility dishes are stackable and made from light-gauge aluminum.

Catalog NR. Size, Weight, Capacity Case Quantity
D44-100 44mm i.d., 51mm o.d. x 1/2"D, .6gr, 20ml Cap. 100/Pk, 1000/Cs
D63-100 63mm i.d., 71mm o.d. x 11/16"D, 1.6gr, 70ml Cap. 100/Pk, 1200/Cs
D75-100 62mm i.d., 70mm o.d. x 1-3/16"D, 1.8gr, 75ml Cap. 100/Pk, 1000/Cs
D200-50 110mm i.d., 127mm o.d. x 1-1/8"D, 3.8gr, 200ml Cap.   50/Pk
D500-50 181mm i.d., 203mm o.d. x 1"D, 9.5gr, 480ml Cap.   50/Pk
#111 95mm i.d., 105mm o.d. x 1-3/4"D, 5.2gr, 250ml Cap.            1000/Cs