Disposable Aluminum Weighing/Drying Pans


Weighing Pan, ideal for general purpose weighing and dispensing. Compatible with both open and enclosed balances with smaller heads (70-95mm), weighs approximately 1.2 grams.


Weighing/Drying Pan, ideal for general purpose weighing, dispensing, storage and drying. Compatible with Mettler, Sartorius, AND, Denver Inst., etc. Excellent weighing accessory.


Flat-Top Balance Pan. Compatible with O'haus Balances and Moisture Analyzers or any Flat-Top balance.


Drying Pan for solids (compatible with Cenco Moisture Analyzer).


Drying Pan for liquids (compatible with Cenco Moisture Analyzer).

Catalog NR. Weight, Size Case Quantity
D123-50 1.2gr, 70mm i.d.(2 1/2") x 1/4" depth  50/Pk,   500/Cs
D126-50 2.5gr, 102mm i.d.(4") x 5/16" depth  50/Pk,   500/Cs
D125-100 3.3gr, 127mm i.d.(5") x 3/16" depth 100/Pk, 1000/Cs
D11-25 3.7gr, 110mm i.d.(4 1/2") x 3/8" depth  25/Pk,   250/Cs
D12-25 4.4gr, 110mm i.d.(4 1/2") x 5/16" depth  25/Pk,   250/Cs