Micro Aluminum Weighing Dishes

Ideal for microbalances, organic micro elementary and thermal analysis, and pharmaceutical use. Our micro weigh boats are compatible with most commercially available analyzers and micro balances. Packaged in easy-to-use plastic containers for storage and dispensing.

Catalog NR. Size, Capacity Pack Quantity
MAWD-0400 6.5mm L x 3.5mm W x 2.5mm H, .04ml Cap. 250/Pk
MAWD-1100 10mm L x 4mm W x 4.5mm H, .11ml Cap. 250/Pk
MAWD-1200 12mm L x 4mm W x 2.7mm H, .12ml Cap. 250/Pk
MAWD-1201 12mm L x 2mm W x 4.5mm H, .12ml Cap. 250/Pk
MAWD-1120 25mm L x 7mm W x 7mm H, 1.12ml Cap.   50/Pk
MAWD-3500 13mm Dia. x 3.5mm H, .35ml Cap. 100/Pk
MAWD-0350 6mm Dia. x 2.5mm H, .035ml Cap. 250/Pk

(Products are shown in photo from left to right)