Disposable Smooth-Walled Aluminum Weighing Dishes

Smooth-sided, flat bottom, multipurpose "utility" dish. No tab, ideal for storage, dispensing, general purpose sampling and testing. Dish contour facilitates stacking and dispensing.

Catalog NR. Size, Weight, Capacity Case Quantity
D57S-100 57mm Dia x 5/8" D, 1.7 gr., 50ml Capacity 100/Pk, 1000/Cs
D70S-100 73mm Dia x 11/16" D, 2.5 gr., 80ml Capacity 100/Pk, 1000/Cs
D140S-100 103mm Dia x 3/4" D, 7.0 gr., 140ml Capacity 100/Pk, 1000/Cs