Disposable Polystyrene Beakers

Withstand indirect heat to 200F; the 5, 10, 20 & 50 ml sizes are excellent for use with atomic absorption, flame photometers and blood cell counters. Excellent chemical resistance to dilute or weak acids, aqueous solutions, alcohols and bases. Four-way pour spouts. Polystyrene (plastic).

Catalog NR. Size, Dimensions Case Quantity
B5-1000    5ml, 1-5/16" top o.d. x 3/4" bot o.d. x 3/4"h 1000/Cs
B10-1000   10ml, 1-7/16" top o.d. x 7/8" bot o.d. x 1"h 1000/Cs
B20-500   20ml, 1-3/4" top o.d. x 1-1/8" bot o.d. x 1-1/4"h   500/Cs
B50-500   50ml, 2-3/8" top o.d. x 1-3/8" bot o.d. x 2"h   500/Cs
B150-100  150ml, 3-5/16" top o.d. x 2-1/8" bot o.d. x 2-1/2"h   100/Cs
B250-100  250ml, 3-5/8" top o.d. x 2-9/16" bot o.d. x 3"h   100/Cs